October 1, 2015


AGAPE A son called his mother from a country overseas where he had gone together with his fellow soldiers for a peace keeping mission. The conversation went something like this: Son: Hi Mum, our mission is now over and we’ll be on our way home very soon Mother: Very well son, we can’t wait to welcome you back! Son: Mum, I’ve got one request to make. Mother: Anything you want dear. Son: I have a friend of mine who has no place to go to and he would like to come home with me. Mother: That’s no problem son, we’ve always been a generous and a loving family and you know that,right? Son: Yes Mother…but there’s something else I would like you to know about my friend….. Mother: What son? Son: My friend was injured in the battle field and…unfortunately, he lost an arm and a leg. Mother: But son….you know that we have our lives to live, how will we care for your friend…it is so involving to take care of such a person and… The line went dead. The following day, another caller was on the line. The parents were asked to go to the foreign country to […]
October 1, 2015


AFTER THE TWINKLE OF AN EYE It’s a normal day and you’ve just woken up to go about your daily chores. You overslept and thus, as usual, you didn’t have any morning devotion. You lift your head to see if your roommate has woken up but all you see is a blanket spread as if covering someone yet too slumped to have a body beneath. This is strange because she normally makes her bed immediately she wakes up, and besides, the door doesn’t look like it has been unlocked. The key is still intact from inside. First you think you are hallucinating and you shake off your head as you unlock the door. It is 8.30 am. You shrug your shoulder, slightly puzzled as you rush to the shop for your breakfast. The shopkeeper has not reported. This is strange, you think as you try your roommate’s cell phone. It is ringing but on her bed. She never leaves her phone behind! Too many questions run through your mind, an eerie silence seems to engulf the air as you reach for the remote and switch on your TV. CNN news flush catches your eyes: ‘Worldwide chaos, Millions missing!’ This article, […]
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