It’s a normal day and you’ve just woken up to go about your daily chores. You overslept and thus, as
usual, you didn’t have any morning devotion. You lift your head to see if your roommate has woken up
but all you see is a blanket spread as if covering someone yet too slumped to have a body beneath. This
is strange because she normally makes her bed immediately she wakes up, and besides, the door
doesn’t look like it has been unlocked. The key is still intact from inside.

First you think you are hallucinating and you shake off your head as you unlock the door. It is 8.30 am.
You shrug your shoulder, slightly puzzled as you rush to the shop for your breakfast. The shopkeeper has
not reported. This is strange, you think as you try your roommate’s cell phone. It is ringing but on her
bed. She never leaves her phone behind! Too many questions run through your mind, an eerie silence
seems to engulf the air as you reach for the remote and switch on your TV. CNN news flush catches your
eyes: ‘Worldwide chaos, Millions missing!’

This article, the recent may 22nd hoax and some old sermons comes to your mind immediately. The
memory of these words strangely so vivid. You panic and spontaneously get out to look at the sky. No
visible sign to show that the world has just entered into a new era. The warm rays of the sun effortlessly
fall on you as if nothing has happened. However, your attention is drawn by the mess around you. The
traffic jam is unbelievable as drivers are missing, leaving the engines running. Several cars are being
towed, planes crushing, pregnant women suddenly slim, police stations jammed by folks coming to
report their loved ones missing. At this point you feel a drop of sweat down your cheek, your heart
pounding as your knees buckle. You have a clue of what has happened, but you can’t explain to anyone.
You have never experienced such confusion. You try to call a pastor who once preached to you about
rapture. A lady picks the phone and explains that the pastor is missing and that they are at the police

Meanwhile, another breaking news gives ‘an explanation’: Scientists claim the disappearance has been
positively linked to an act of extraterrestrial intelligence. Man is now under threat from outer space and
someone must restore the confidence of the masses. Peace, unity and stability must be the new order
of the day. A miraculous man, with amazing ideas on how to achieve global prosperity emerges. This
man is hailed as the Messiah and he puts to an end the Middle East war as he leads Israel and Palestine
sign a seven year peace treaty. All governments of the earth submit to him as he takes the world to a
new level of unparalleled economic growth. Christians, Muslims, Hindus and all religious systems accept
him as the only one to be worshipped. His image is placed on the hand and forehead of all men on earth
using a computer micro-chip. The microchip is integrated with the economic system such that no one
can do any transaction without the code. This is the New World Order; the peak of civilization. The
euphoria is almost tangible.

You are not so excited about the new development. You think you know what is happening better than
the rest of humanity. You are right. In fact there are millions who share your sentiment as you shall soon
realize. But then something spectacular happens. Physically visible angels start to fly in the sky and
warning people not to take the mark of the Beast. You feel elated, you get bold and decide to obey.
However, you soon realize that it is easier said than done. You have lost most of your friends in the
rapture and now you are going to lose not only the remaining ones, but also your entire family. If you
can’t get the mark, you can’t get the food. The motto is: surrender or starve.

What finally kills you, however, is not the hunger but rather the most brutal torture and persecution
that the world has ever seen, with millions martyred for failing to worship the new found ‘Messiah’. This
is the time when grace is no more and the Anti-Christ prevailing against the saints. Once you are
persecuted (if you are lucky enough to persevere to death), you don’t join the church, currently
worshipping around the throne. You, however, go to a place known as ‘Under the Altar’. Here, together
with millions of souls, you cry for vengeance against the inhabitants of the earth but God asks you to
wait until all the tribulation saints are killed, just like you.<

Once all the remnants are killed, the world is spiritually desolate and darkness starts to descend with
speed. No more persons to intercede or repent on behalf of the nations. No one to restrain the forces of
evil on earth. And now the wrath of God without mixture is poured, fire and brimstone rain from the sky
as great cataclysmic events destroy the earth’s physiography. Demonic creatures from abyss are
unleashed on men and women to bring indescribable torments. And people now seek to commit suicide
without success because death has taken a break.

And by the way, there is no guarantee that you can hear the gospel now and despise it or live a
luke-warm life and be saved after the rapture. If you cannot stand up for Jesus in this free society, the
chances are slim that you will do it as a sword pierces through your throat. It is the goodness of God that
leads to repentance, not His wrath. That is why men will continue to blaspheme God as the intensity of
His wrath increases. Besides, God says that He will cause those who rejected the truth to be deceived
and thereby believing that the Anti-Christ is the Messiah (even after reading this article). What if the
Holy Spirit chooses to convict only those who never heard about the gospel during that period? Don’t
dare God. Don’t take such a risk. Don’t gamble with your eternity.
David Adede (Author, The Day of The Lord)

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